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Foil News has been the SUP NEWS’ upside-down side of the magazine for 3 issues in a row, providing all the informations, stories and articles about everything you can do with a foil board, in Italy or outside Italy as well.

Now onward Foil News will be an real magazine full dedicated to foil sports, featuring on the back cover the upside-down insert Wing Foil News, the side of the magazine fully committed to the exploding world of the Wing surfing.

The editorial approach is always the same jovial and easy going that we are used to have from the beginning of our main magazines WIND NEWS and SUP NEWS.

The FOIL is the new way to practice water sports, it’s actually exploding everywhere and it’s quickly becoming a cross way to ride a board in the water: you can use it on waves as a SURF FOIL, or with the wind as WING FOIL, WIND FOIL, KITE FOIL or even paddle on it as SUP FOIL, but now you can also glide on the water thanks to an electric engine on an E-FOIL!

That’s why we thought that FOIL world needs a new tailored magazine to tell to our readers and board sport passionates everything is happening around the foil.

FOIL NEWS magazine will talk about travel, people, pionieers, new toys, technique, events, races and a lot of other stuff that for sure cannot have the same coverage on WINDNEWS nor SUP NEWS pages.

That’s why now FOIL NEWS MAGAZINE started to fly on its own wings, still proudly edited by Living the Dream ASD.

The first issue of FOIL NEWS

This is the 2021 FOIL NEWS  and WING FOIL NEWS editorial calendar:

Foil News #04Wing Foil News #01



21st of april 2021
Foil News #05 – Wing Foil News #02



21st of July 2021
Foil News #06Wing Foil News #03


FALL 2021

21st of October 2021
Foil News #07 – Wing Foil News #04



12 of December 2021

WINTER ISSUE will feature the 2022 WING and FOIL CATALOGUE. 


FOIL NEWS is available also on-line in the Digital Edition, featuring extra contents (videos, more article, more test, more and bigger pictures, etc).

FOIL NEWS subscribers can read the Digital Edition for free thanks to a link on a ISSU reader that they receive by e-mail.

The new official website is online “Alive and Kicking” showing to the world our allround approach to the foil side of the sport!

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